After the OB43 update in Free Fire, some new rewards will be given in the game

An update is going to come very soon in Free Fire, whose name is OB43 Update. We are going to give complete information about on which day this update is going to come and which events the developers are going to launch after this update. If you are also a Free Fire player and want to know all this then read this post.

The OB43 update in Free Fire is scheduled to arrive on January 24, 2024. On this day you cannot play Free Fire because Free Fire is going to be updated, on that day you will have to go to Play Store and update Free Fire, after one hour Free Fire will open.

Free Rewards

If you are a Free Fire player, then you must be aware that every time there is an update in Free Fire, many rewards are available for free and this time too, many rewards are going to be available for free. We will tell you about the upcoming meeting.

An event is coming, whose name is going to be The Chaos event. In this event, you will get some tokens on completing missions. By exchanging the token you can get a bundle absolutely free. Whose name is going to be The Chaos Bundle. Along with this, one scythe skin and one emote are going to be given absolutely free.

Free Character

The new character which is going to be launched after the update in Free Fire, that character is going to be given absolutely free. The character whose name is going to be Ryden. The abilities of this character are going to be something like this.

Ryden is going to be an active character. As soon as you use it, a spider will come out and it will blast on the enemy in front and that player will be dealt 10 damage every second, totaling 40 damage. This will freeze the anime for 4 seconds.

Magic Cube Store Updated

Whenever an update arrives in Free Fire, the Magic Cube Store undergoes some changes. This time, they will be introducing several new bundles, including.

  1. Ancient Glory Bundle
  2. Energy Totem Bundle
  3. Dawnlit Hitman Bundle
  4. Dusklit Slayer Bundle
  5. Bladebill Soarer Bundle
  6. Doctor Red Bundle
  7. Doctor Scarlette Bundle
  8. Magma Bionicon Bundle
  9. Lotus Blader Bundle
  10. Nightbloom Slayer Bundle
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