After the OB43 update in Free Fire, there are some mysterious changes coming

A few days after the OB43 update, players will see various changes within the game. Today, we’ll discuss eight such changes, which are quite interesting and mysterious.

Snow Removal

After the update, Bermuda will no longer have the snow effect. The winter season on the Bermuda map will be removed, returning it to its normal state. Players have been experiencing the snow effect in the game for over two months.

Changes in Lone Wolf Mode

After the update, in the Lone Wolf mode, the guns that can be upgraded will now receive upgrades within the mode as well. Previously, guns couldn’t be upgraded within the Lone Wolf mode.

New Loadout

After the OB43 update, a new loadout called Combat Trait will be introduced within the game. This new loadout will provide players with five different items to assist them during gameplay.

Some Changes in Custom HUD

The Custom HUD within Free Fire used to be quite simple. However, after the update, there’s a slight change. Now, within the Custom HUD, players can select a button and set its position without using their finger, moving it left, right, up, or down.

New Skydiving Feature

When playing the Battle Royale map in Free Fire, players usually land using a normal plane. However, players who possess skydiving capabilities land while skydiving outside the plane. But after the update, a feature will allow all teammates to sit together inside the skydiving portion.

Two Active Skills in Lone Wolf Mode

Currently, in CS mode, players can use two active skills simultaneously. But after the update, players in Lone Wolf mode will also be able to use two active skills. There will be an option for both a double active skill Lone Wolf mode and a normal Lone Wolf mode, allowing players to choose their preferred gameplay.

New Sniper Gun

New Sniper Gun VSK94 in free fire

A new sniper gun called VSK94 will be added to Free Fire. It resembles the VSS gun, but the game developers have designed it not entirely as a sniper gun.

New Character Ryden

A new character named Ryden will be introduced in Free Fire, featuring an ability called Spider Trap, which is an active ability.

If a player uses this character’s ability, a spider will emerge from the character and move forward. Enemies within a 5-meter radius of the spider will experience an 80% reduction in movement speed and take 10 HP damage for 4 seconds. Its cooldown time is 75 seconds.

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