Ajjubhai (Total Gaming) Set to Face Reveal! Official Announce

A big announcement has surfaced for Free Fire players as Ajjubhai is set to reveal his face. Yes, it’s not a rumour but the truth. Ajjubhai made this official announcement on his social media accounts. He shared a post on Instagram featuring a hidden figure standing while a rap song plays. In the caption, Ajjubhai mentioned that he will reveal his face in his next YouTube video. He promised to launch a teaser for his face reveal if the post gets more than 200,000 comments.

Who is Ajjubhai?

If you’re a Free Fire player, there might not be a need to introduce Ajjubhai, as players in India and other countries are familiar with him. For those unaware, Ajjubhai is the biggest Free Fire player globally, with over 37.1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, ‘Total Gaming.’

Ajjubhai Face reveal

Ajjubhai stands as India’s top gaming YouTuber, achieving over 37.1 million subscribers solely through his voice and gaming videos in just five years. Remarkably, he hasn’t revealed his full name yet, but fans know him by Ajjubhai.

Through only two Q&A videos on his channel ‘Total Gaming,’ Ajjubhai shared limited information with his fans. Here are some details revealed in those Q&A videos:

  • Ajjubhai’s real name is Ajay. He resides in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and works as a software engineer.
  • Initially, in a private job, his focus shifted to playing Free Fire and creating content on his YouTube channel, where he uploaded Free Fire content.
  • Ajjubhai’s remarkable voice quality garnered him immense popularity among audiences.
  • In just five years, he became India’s biggest gamer and YouTuber, creating the YouTube channel ‘Total Gaming,’ the most subscribed Free Fire content channel worldwide.

Ajjubhai Face Reveal

The prominent Free Fire YouTuber and gamer, Ajjubhai, has kept his face hidden for several years. The anticipation for his face reveal has been ongoing among his fans for a long time. Recently, Ajjubhai shared a post on Instagram revealing that he will unveil his face in his upcoming YouTube video. If the post garners more than 200,000 comments, he will launch a teaser for his face reveal.

Full NameAjay
ResidenceAhmedabad, Gujarat
ProfessionSoftware Engineer
YouTube ChannelTotal Gaming
Subscribers on YouTube ChannelOver 37.2 million
Channel FocusFree Fire gaming content
Subscriber Count Achievement DurationAchieved over 37.1 million subscribers in just five years
Noteworthy AspectGained immense popularity solely through his voice and gaming content on YouTube
Face RevelNext Youtube Video
Face Revel Teaserif the Instagram post reaches 200,000 comments

It’s hoped that Ajjubhai will soon fulfil the wishes of millions eagerly awaiting to see his face after several years. What do you think about Ajjubhai’s face reveal news? Let us know in the comments.

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