Alok Character: Launch Date, Ability, Backstory and more

Currently, a total of 57 characters have been launched in Free Fire. Today, we’ll provide you with complete information about Alok Character. If you’re a Free Fire player, you should be familiar with this character. If not, stay tuned as we unravel all about Alok in this post.

Alok Character Information

free fire normal alok

When Alok was introduced in Free Fire, it gained immense popularity. Every player desired this character, and many went to great lengths, participating in YouTube giveaways and gaining fame. DJ Alok was a must-have for every pro player, shaping their gameplay experience.

Alok Launch Date

Developers introduced the Alok character in Free Fire on November 11, 2019. Now, let’s delve into Alok’s backstory.

Alok Backstory

Do you know Alok’s real name? Alok’s real name is Alok Achkar. Free Fire developers collaborated with Alok Achkar. The backstory we’re about to share is about Alok Achkar.

In real life, Alok Achkar is an extremely famous DJ operator. Alok is not from India; he resides in Brazil. His parents came from India, and following a guru’s guidance, they named their son Alok. Alok has a twin brother.

Alok Character’s Ability

The normal Alok character’s ability is named ‘Drop The Beat.’

Free Fire offers two versions of Alok with slightly different abilities. Let’s discuss both of their abilities.

Normal Alok Ability

alok ability

When a player uses the ‘Drop The Beat’ ability, they gain a 15% movement speed boost for 10 seconds and receive 3 HP every second, totalling 30 HP.

Awakened Alok Ability

free fire awaken alok ability

When a player uses the ‘Party Remix’ ability, they receive a 15% movement speed boost for 10 seconds and gain 3 HP every second, totaling to 30 HP. Additionally, for 5 seconds, every 2 seconds, a music ring drops, and if teammates stand within it, their HP will recover.

Alok Character’s Attire

The normal Alok wears a long black leather jacket with jeans and sunglasses. He also wears a black long-sleeve shirt.

The Awakened character wears a green t-shirt with a jacket over it, paired with pants, shoes, and sunglasses. The attire has a green and pink line design throughout.

Alok in-game information

free fire awaken alok
Birthday26 August 1991
Ability NameDrop the Beat alok ability, Party Remix free fire awaken alok ability
Ability TypeActive
OccupationWorld-Famous DJ
HobbyDJ Playing
Obtained FromIn Game Store
Price499­čĺÄ/ 10,000­ččí

Alok Character Gallery

We hope you’ve found this detailed information about DJ Alok interesting. If you’re curious to learn about other characters’ backstories, real names, and launch dates, stay updated by enabling notifications on our website. thanks for reading.

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