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Amit Bhai free fire id and more


  Amit Bhai Free Fire ID is 206746194. Amitbhai is a Free Fire player and a famous YouTuber. The name of his YouTube channel is Desi Gamers. He uploads his Free Fire content on this channel. Amitbhai is one of the most popular Indian Free Fire content creators.

 Amitbhai’s real name is Amit Sharma. He is 24 years old Amitbhai is from West Bengal. Amit Bhai has done his graduation in Arts. Amitbhai lives with his family and he also got his gaming room built sometime back.

Amitbhai Biography

Real Name:-Amit Sharma
In-Game Name:- Amitbhai…
Free Fire Id206746194
Age:-24 Years
Date of Birth:- 26 January 1997
Birth Place:- Siliguri, West Bengal, India
Address:- Siliguri, West Bengal, India
College:-West Bengal, India
Profession:- YouTuber, Gamer, Content Creator and Entertainer
Famous For:-Garena Free Fire Gameplay
Hobbies:- Playing Mobile Games And PC Games, Traveling
Phone Number:- N/A
Monthly Income:-8 To 9 Lakh 
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Amitbhai Youtube channel

 After completing his graduation, Amitbhai used to do a private job. He left this job after getting success on the YouTube channel.

 People have liked Amit Bhai’s different Gun Challenge videos.

 He mostly uploads videos of Free Fire on his channel named Desi Gamers and sometimes does live streams as well.

 Sharma currently has a total of 3 YouTube channels in which Desi Gamers is his primary channel apart from two YouTube channels named Desi ArmyDesi gamers Esports and Amit Sharma.

Most Viewed Youtube Video of Desi gamer

Sharma uploads his live streaming and other game videos to the Desi Army YouTube channel.

 Amit Bhai uploads his vlog video on the Amit Sharma YouTube channel.

 Amit Bhai has 1.24 crore (12.4 million) subscribers on his primary YouTube channel, Desi Gamers. There is 33.8 Lakh (3.38 Million) Subscribers on the channel named Desi Army and 4 Lakh Subscribers on Amit Sharma’s YouTube Channel.

Amitbhai Income

 All YouTubers get paid from Google Ads and the income changes every month based on YouTube’s terms and conditions.

 Along with Google Ads, they also get paid on the views of the video, if a video gets more views then this video gets more money than other videos.

 Talking about the earnings of Amitbhai, Amitbhai easily earns 5 to 6 lakh rupees a month from the desi gamers channel.

 Similarly, Amitbhai also earns money from the Desi Army YouTube channel.

Amitbhai phone number

 First of all, I want to tell you that no YouTuber or big person shares his personal mobile number with anyone. His personal number is limited to his family and friends.

 Talking about Amitbhai’s phone number, we cannot tell you about his number because many haters may misuse the phone number and it is a crime to share any personal information with anyone, so we will not give you the number.

If you have very important work and want to talk to Amitbhai, then you can message Amitbhai on social media, you can message Amitbhai on Instagram.

 Amitbhai’s Instagram account — click here.

 However, it will be difficult for Amitbhai to give you replays on Instagram because Amitbhai gets thousands of messages on Instagram every day. If you do not get any reply from there, then you can take Amitbhai’s mobile number from Amitbhai’s relatives and friends.

Amitbhai Free Fire ID number and Gameplay

 His Free Fire ID number is 206746194. Amitbhai has reached level 75 in the Free Fire game. You can check out Amitbhai’s Free Fire profile below.

Amit Bhai free fire id
Image form free fire app

Amitbhai likes full map squad games the most. You can check out Amitbhai’s squad gameplay profile below.

Amitbhai squad gameplay
Image form free fire app

Amitbhai has played 9078 full map squad games so far, out of which he has won 2581 matches. And in all this match he has killed 24485 enemies.

 Amitbhai’s k/d ratio in the squad game is 3.71.

 Amitbhai’s highest kill in the squad game is 23.

 Amitbhai has hit 4768 headshots so far in the squad game.

 Amitbhai has a top 3 rate of 39.67 in the squad game.

 Amitbhai’s average survival time in a full map squad game is 9 minutes 28 seconds.

Amitbhai’s Full Map Duo Gameplay

 Amitbhai has played 4943 Full Map Duo games so far, out of which he has won 818 matches. And in all this match he has killed 13486 enemies.

 Amitbhai has a k/d ratio of 3.27 in Duo gameplay.

 Amitbhai has the most kills of 21 in Duo gameplay.

 In the duo gameplay, Amitbhai kills 2726 enemies with headshots.

 Amitbhai has a top 5 rate of 35.57 in Duo gameplay.

 The average survival time in Amitbhai’s Full Map Duo gameplay is 9 minutes 17 seconds.

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Amitbhai’s Full Map Solo Gameplay

Amitbhai has played a total of 3813 full map solo gameplays so far, out of which he has won 316 matches. And in all this match he has killed 8966 enemies.

 Amitbhai’s headshot rate in solo gameplay is 25.38.

 Amitbhai has a k / d ratio of 2.56 in solo gameplay.

 Amitbhai has hit a maximum of 38 in solo gameplay.

 In solo gameplay, Amitbhai hits 2776 anime with headshots.

 Amitbhai has a top 10 rate of 31.58 in solo gameplay.

 The average survival time in Amitbhai’s Full Map Solo gameplay is 8 minutes and 8 seconds.

 We hope you liked our article. We hope that this article has given you as much information as possible about Amitbhai. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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