Exclusive Preview: Exciting Upcoming Events in Free Fire Max!

The developers of Free Fire are set to launch numerous new events in the coming days. Free Fire will soon introduce the Mystery Shop event, along with the Ring event and a special event. If you want to know more about all these events, read this post till the end.

Free Fire will be bringing many new events by December 10th, launching them with a winter theme. This event will introduce several rewards, some of which will be given for free. Within this event, a Ring event is set to launch. First, let’s discuss this Ring event.

ring event token

This Ring event will incorporate tokens for Evo Gun skins, with tokens named as follows:

  • Evo Weapon Universal Token
  • Scar Evo token
  • Thompson Evo token
  • AK47 Evo token
  • M1887 Evo token
  • MP40 Evo token

All these tokens will be launched in the Ring event.

Mystery Shop Event

Free Fire will introduce an event named the Mystery Shop event. Those familiar with old player events know that the Mystery Shop event used to offer an Elite Pass. However, it’s unclear whether the Royale Pass will be offered in the Mystery Shop this time.

mystery shop event

This time, the Mystery Shop is set to launch on December 10th, so there won’t be a Royale Pass. In this Mystery Shop, three rewards will be launched as Grand Prizes, named as follows:

  1. Ice Shard Bundle
  2. Ice Flake Bundle

These two bundles will be launched in the Mystery Shop event, alongside an upcoming mask named the Icy Mask.

Next Evo Weapon

Next Evo Weapon

Free Fire will feature the Next Evo Gun skin, which will be Woodpecker-themed. The gun skin will be named Majestic Prowler and will be launched in the Faded Wheel. The attributes of this gun skin will be as follows:

Gun Skin NameAbility
Woodpecker – Majestic ProwlerDamage ++
Rate of Fire +
Magazine –

Call Back Event

Free Fire developers will be offering the Call Back event on December 10th, where rewards will be given upon completion. A total of 7 callbacks will need to be completed to receive all 7 rewards.

callback event

In this call-back event, a Mystery Box will be given, which could contain diamonds. If luck favours you, up to 29,999 diamonds could be obtained. Completing each Call Back will also reward a Diamond Royale Voucher.

We hope you found this information about all these events enjoyable, and if you want to stay updated on such information in the future, you can enable notifications on our website.

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