Exploring Secret Features in Free Fire’s OB43 Update

After the release of the OB43 update in the Free Fire game, you will see several secret updates that will enhance your gaming experience. You will witness various changes, discover new features, and notice some adjustments in the game. Today, we will discuss some secret changes that you can observe in the game after the update.

Mic Option in Custom Rooms

After the update, when you create or join a custom room, you will now see the option for a microphone. This means that you can now communicate with your teammates in custom rooms using the microphone. Previously, only the messaging option was available in custom rooms, but now you can directly talk to your squad members using the in-game mic.

Copy Any Player’s Character Skill Combination

While playing the game, if you get eliminated by an enemy and you like their character’s skill combination, you can now copy that character’s skill combination from within the game. After copying, you can paste it in the game lobby once you are out of the match.

Copy Any Player’s Costume

If you invite players to join your squad game, and you like the costume of any player or teammate, you can inspect their profile and view the costume they are wearing. From there, you can directly copy and paste that costume in your wardrobe if you have that costume in your inventory.

Hide Teammate’s Nickname Option

During squad games, the names of your teammates are displayed above their characters, which sometimes makes it difficult to identify enemies and teammates during intense fights. With the new update, a setting has been introduced that allows you to hide your teammate’s nickname. This can be a useful and unique feature for better gameplay.

Although there will be many changes in Free Fire after the OB43 update, we have discussed four main changes here. Apart from these, you will also see various other changes within the game. If you want to watch a video on this, there is a YouTube video provided below for your reference.

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