Free Fire Max: Biggest Update After OB43

Today, we will tell you about the 5 updates in Free Fire that players requested, and the Free Fire developers have delivered. If you’re a Free Fire player, you might know that currently, we can equip three abilities for our characters. Many have wished for the chance to equip four abilities, and a big update is coming that will increase the slots.

Currently, in Free Fire, players can equip 8 emotes. However, after the update, you can equip an extra 4 emotes, but there’s a condition – you need to buy the Booyah pass.

If you purchase the Booyah pass and unlock it up to level 100, you’ll receive an extra discount in the next Booyah pass.

The developers are making significant changes to the character Sonia, and after this update, if you use Sonia, her Nano Life will only last for 2 seconds. Another change is that currently, if we down an opponent, we revive if we get knocked down, but after the OB43 update, this won’t happen.

After the OB43 update, whenever you play BR Rank, you’ll see which map is coming in the lobby. You can click on the map to find out more details.

They are bringing back the Old Safe Zone Sound after the OB43 update, which many old players prefer. Along with that, they are reintroducing the Danger Zone.

These are some of the biggest updates coming to Free Fire, and there are many more to come, but we’ve highlighted the significant ones for you.

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