Free Fire Max: Character Ability Change After OB43 Update

We are about to see a major update in Free Fire that will bring changes to the abilities of various characters. Character abilities are crucial in Free Fire as they define how players engage in fights. If you’re curious about the upcoming changes for each character, we’ll provide a detailed overview in this post.

Character Ability Changes

Character Abilites changes after ob43 update in free fire


The first character undergoing changes is Wukong. Previously, using Wukong resulted in a 5% reduction in movement speed when creating clones. However, after the OB43 update, this reduction will no longer apply.


This character was highly favored before the update. However, after the upcoming changes, fewer players are using Skyler. The ability cooldown time for Skyler will increase by 5 seconds after the OB43 update.


Many players currently use Antonio, and if you use him, you get an extra 40 HP. But after the OB43 update, this extra HP will be reduced to 30.


Currently, every player is using Orion’s ability, but after the OB43 update, there will be a change. Using Orion’s ability will result in a 20% reduction in movement speed.


After the update, if you use Sonia, her Nano Life will only last for 2 seconds. Additionally, a change is coming where even if you down an opponent, you won’t automatically revive after the OB43 update.


Currently, you can use Tatsuya’s ability three times, but after the update, you’ll only be able to use it twice.


Some players still use Homer, and there will be a change in his ability. Using Homer’s ability will now trigger a drone blast within a 5-meter range. The opponent’s movement speed will be reduced by 40%, and their rate of fire will also decrease by 40%. The total cooldown time will be 60 seconds.

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