Free Fire Nairi Character – Backstory, Ability, Launch Date and more

The developers of Free Fire have launched many characters. So far, a total of 57 characters have been launched. If you want to know about the story and the real name of the Nairi character, read this post till the end.

Nairi Character Information

Nairi Character

When the Nairi character was launched in Free Fire, some players immediately picked this character. When the developers launched this character in Free Fire, its ability wasn’t that great, but after an update, the ability of this character was significantly improved. That’s why all players are currently using this character.

Nairi is a character created for Free Fire, and its real name is also Nairi.

Nairi Launch Date

The developers launched the Nairi character in Free Fire in December 2021. Now, after knowing the launch date of the Nairi character, let’s talk about the character’s story.

Nairi’s Backstory

Nairi loved the cold weather from a young age, but they were kept away from the cold weather. However, their love for snow inspired them to find a way to bring themselves back there. They enjoyed living in the snow.

They explored micro-manipulation climate technology to stay in the snow. Now, they spend their time rock climbing and on long treks.

Nairi Ability

nairi character ability

If a player uses this character’s ability, there is no need to activate the ability because it’s a passive ability. If a player wearing a Gloo Wall receives damage, they recover 20 HP per shot, up to a maximum of 40 HP. Within a 5-meter radius of the Gloo Wall, if there are teammates, they also recover 20 HP. The Gloo Wall restores 150 HP per second. No player can break the Gloo Wall. A player can use one active and two passive abilities with this character.

Nairi’s Outfit

Nairi’s entire costume resembles a tourist surviving in the snow. They wear a yellow T-shirt with a jersey on top and track pants underneath. They also wear tracking shoes.

Nairi Character
Birthday27 December
Ability NameIce Iron nairi character ability
Ability TypePassive
OccupationStorm Chaser Scientist
HobbyRock Climbing
Obtained FromIn Game Store
Price499 💎/ 10,000🟡

Nairi Gallery

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