Free Fire New Luck Royales: Token Wheel, Faded Wheel and Evo Vault Ring

The developers of Free Fire are gearing up to launch numerous new events, some of which will be themed around the Winter Land event. We are here to provide detailed information about all of these events, so read the post till the end.

Upcoming Free Fire Max Events and Rewards

Special Luck Royale

The developers of Free Fire are launching a Special Luck Royale in the Winter Land event. This Luck Royale will feature rewards themed around Winter Land. Here are some of the rewards:

  • Gingerbread Man Bundle
  • Winter Ironthrasher Bundle
  • Gloowall – Angel White
  • Scythe of Snow
  • Pan – Snowstorm
  • Katana – Snow Doom
  • Death Snowfall Backpack
  • Threaten Emote

Token Wheel Event

In the Winter Land event of Free Fire, developers are launching an Evo Bundle in the Token Wheel event. The rewards for this bundle are as follows:

  • Frostfire Polar Bundle
  • Frostfire Magma Bundle
  • Hello! Frostfire Style Emote
  • Frostfire Look changer Emote

These four rewards will be included in the Token Wheel event, set to launch on the 24th date.

Faded Wheel

The Free Fire developers are launching a Faded Wheel event, featuring a Fist Skin and a Scythe Skin. Let’s delve into more details:

  • Frostfire Punch Fist skin
  • Icy Scythe Skin

These two rewards will be part of the Faded Wheel event. If you don’t have the Fist Skin yet, you can obtain it through this event.

Evo Vault Ring

An event launching a ring with Evo Gun is scheduled to launch next week. Here are the details:

  • M1014 – Scorpio Shatter
    • Rate of Fire ++
    • Armor penetration +
    • Movement Speed –
  • SCAR – Megalodon Alpha
    • Damage +
    • Rate of Fire ++
    • Reload Speed –
  • AN94 – Evil Howler
    • Rate of Fire ++
    • Damage +
    • Accuracy –
  • MP5 – Platinum Divinity
    • Rate of Fire +
    • Damage ++
    • Reload Speed –

We hope you found the information on the upcoming events enjoyable. You can enable notifications on our website if you wish to stay updated on such upcoming events.

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