Free Fire Top 8 Hidden Gameplay Secrets

Today, we’re going to share with you the top 8 secrets of Free Fire that 99% of players may not know about. If you play Free Fire, you should be aware of these secrets as they can significantly enhance your gameplay. So, let’s dive into these secrets:

Free Fire Top 8 Hidden Gameplay Secrets
  1. Start by heading towards the Hangar area on the Bermuda map, near a truck. Use a motorbike to create a V shape with the truck. Then, descend below, and you’ll enter inside the truck.
  2. Have you ever wanted to use a character’s ability repeatedly? There’s a mode in the Craftland where you can use any character’s ability 1000 times or more. The code for this mode is “FREEFIRE34ED11D1630691DB19CDA3449D2CB3354927”
  3. Ever fought a player inside the lobby? There’s a mode where you can engage in 1 vs 1 battles within the lobby.
  4. Want to ‘teach’ another player? In the Zombie Duo mode, upgrade Homer character to max level. Afterward, when you blast a drone onto any player, they’ll be ‘taught.’
  5. Press both the zoom and click buttons simultaneously near the buoy to double items like bat, car, and backpack.
  6. In CS Rank mode, at the Port area of the Purgatory map, climb up, get on the sofa, then onto the window, and from there, jump to reach the top of the building to take down other players.
  7. Switch to Standard Graphics, then on the Bermuda map, head over the sea where you’ll see jungle-like visuals underwater.
  8. If you want to climb a tree, launch the Mini Launch Pad towards the tree, and you can ascend using it.

If you’re having trouble understanding any of these tricks, a video link is provided below where you can grasp these tricks better.

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