Free Fire’s Upcoming Spectacular Events: Hyper Books, Evo Bundles, and More!

The Free Fire game has several upcoming events soon. A new top-up event is arriving shortly, featuring the launch of a Frostfire Hyper Book and a Ring event. Here’s what’s coming:

On December 8th, they’ll launch a new top-up event introducing the Frostfire Hyper Book. This time, there have been some changes. In this event, they’ll offer the Frostfire Hyper Book for a top-up of 100 diamonds, along with boxes for top-ups of 300, 500, 700, 1000, and 1500 diamonds.

Inside these boxes, you’ll need tokens to unlock rewards related to the Frostfire Hyper Book. Additionally, they’re planning to launch rewards from the Hyper Book in the Ring event for players who prefer rewards other than the Hyper Book.

The Ring event will feature the launch of four rewards: Frostfire Hitter Bat, Gloowall – Frostfire, Katana – Frostfire, and AWM – Frostfire Snip. The Winter Land event is also approaching, set to peak on December 24th. It will introduce an Evo Bundle that won’t require upgrading, releasing it in the Token Tower event. Rewards include Frostfire Polar Bundle and Frostfire Punch Fist skin, with two more unspecified rewards.

In January, they’re launching a Halloween event featuring a bundle, releasing it in the Ring event alongside other older rewards such as Merry In The Bones Bundle, Duke Of Terrorville Bundle, Duchess Of Terrorland Bundle, and Ghost Float Emote.

If you’re interested in staying updated on these upcoming events, you can enable notifications on their website.

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