How to Repeatedly Get the ₹30 Special Drop in Free Fire

How to get a 300 Diamonds and Gun Box airdrop in Free Fire for just 30 Rupees? If you don’t have enough money and want to get diamonds for a small amount, then this post provides you with all the information. Therefore, read the post till the end.

free fire special airdrop

Step 1: Firstly, you need to select the character ‘Primis’ or ‘Nulla’. After that, select the pet ‘Falco’ in your loadout. You don’t need to keep any skins. Keep the default clothes.

Step 2: Set the banner and avatar in the profile to default. After this, remove any loadouts from your setup.

Step 3: Select all gun skins as normal. Then, keep two emotes in your inventory and remove the others. Set all car skins to normal. You need to appear as a regular player who just started their ID. Set all items to default.

Step 4: Next, you need to spin 10 to 30 times in Gold Royale. Log out of your ID and log back in. Now, do not log in to your ID for one day.

Step 5: Log in on the next day. Play a classic match once and get 1 to 3 kills. When there are 2 to 3 players left, let yourself be defeated.

If you follow these 5 steps, you’ll definitely receive the 30 Rupees airdrop consisting of 300 Diamonds and a Gun Box. However, there should not be any airdrop in your ID for this trick to work. You should not frequently top up your diamonds.

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