Leon Backstory, Launch Date, and Ability

Leon is the 42nd character set to launch in Free Fire. If you want to know the story, ability and real name of the Leon character, then read this post to the end.

Leon Character Information

leon character

Developers of Free Fire provided the Leon character completely free. During the Booyah Day event, on its peak day, logging in granted all players the character for free.

Initially, the character’s abilities were not impressive, but after an update, the Leon character’s ability greatly improved. Initially, the character only recovered 30 HP.

Leon is a character created for Free Fire, and hence, his real name is also Leon.

Leon Launch Date

The developers launched the Leon character in Free Fire on September 28, 2021. After knowing the launch date, let’s delve into some information about the Leon character.

Leon Backstory

Leon is a student who excels in basketball and has a deep love for the sport. He can do anything for it. Leon can jump more than a normal person because he has a bionic leg. Whenever his leg is damaged, he can repair it himself. He plays basketball for his friends and family and also has an interest in electronics.

Leon Character’s Ability

free fire leon character ability

If a player uses Leon’s ability and receives damage but manages to survive for some time, every second, he recovers 4 HP, up to a maximum of 60 HP.

Leon Character’s Outfit

Leon’s entire outfit resembles that of a basketball player, including shorts, a T-shirt, and a jacket worn on top.

Leon In-Game Information

leon character
Birthday30 September
Ability NameBuzzer beater
Ability TypePassive
OccupationBuzzer beater
HobbyAssembling Electronics
Obtained FromIn Game Store
Price499💎/ 10,000🟡

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