Mr Ajay Boss (Jamod Ajay) Free Fire Uid, Gameplay and more

Mr Ajay Boss’s (Jamod Ajay) Free Fire UID is 1448517634. Ajay Boss’s real name is Jamod Ajay and he resides in Gujarat. There isn’t much information available about Ajay Boss’s personal details.

Mr Ajay Boss is a Free Fire player who plays the game on his mobile. He has been playing Free Fire for 5 years and is one of the oldest players. Ajay Boss started playing Free Fire on the recommendation of his friends. He used to play Free Fire on a Lenovo tablet initially and now plays it on a Redmi note 7 pro device.

Mr Ajay Boss also has a YouTube channel where he uploads various Free Fire videos. However, the subscriber count on his channel is not visible. There are only 6 Free Fire videos on his YouTube channel, and he isn’t very famous on YouTube.

Their YouTube channel’s name is ‘MMM Ajay,’ and they are not very active on this channel. They have another YouTube channel where they upload Free Fire Montage videos, but no details are provided about this channel.

Mr. Ajay Boss’s phone number is 63548 ***. If you want to contact Ajay, you can message him on social media. Below are the links to his social media accounts:

Mr Ajay Boss’s Free Fire ID, Gameplay, and more

Mr Ajay Boss’s Free Fire UID is 1448517634. He mostly plays BR Rank and full map games. He is not very active in Free Fire now and plays it only occasionally.

mr ajay boss (jamod ajay) free fire id

Mr Ajay Boss’s Free Fire ID is at level 64. Their profile has accumulated over 5000 likes. They have achieved the Heroic rank 11 times in BR (Battle Royale) mode and also 11 times in CS (Clash Squad) mode. An interesting aspect about them is that they have never spent any money on the game. They haven’t purchased any Elite Pass or Booyah Pass so far. You can view his Free Fire Uid profile below.

Full Map Gameplay

Mr Ajay Boss has played a total of 2388 squad games, winning 217 of them with a total of 4994 eliminations. Additionally, they have played a total of 1798 duo matches, winning 105 of them with 3075 eliminations. Furthermore, they have played a total of 996 solo matches, winning 95 of them with 2184 eliminations. You can see their profile below.

mr ajay boss battle royale gameplay
Game ModeTotal Games PlayedTotal EliminationsMatches Won

CS Rank Gameplay

Mr Ajay Boss has played a total of 3204 CS rank matches, winning 1886 of them by eliminating a total of 13314 enemies. They’ve recovered teammates 1753 times in CS rank matches. They’ve dealt an average damage of 1918 in each match and scored a total of 4293 headshots with a headshot rate of 32.24%. They’ve knocked out a total of 13111 enemies in this mode. Their win rate is 58.86%, and they’ve achieved the Most Valuable Player (MVP) title 1147 times.

mr ajay boss cs rank gameplay
Total CS Rank Matches3204
Total Enemy Kills13314
Matches Won1886
Teammate Recoveries1753
Average Damage1918
Total Headshots4293
Headshot Rate32.24%
Enemies Knocked Out13111
Win Rate58.86%
MVP Count1147

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