New Lamborghini Faded Wheel launched in Free Fire Max

The new Faded Wheel has been launched in Free Fire Max. This Faded Wheel is named Lamborghini. This Faded Wheel introduces Animation and Gloowall skins. To obtain this animation, how many diamonds are required in total? We’ll provide complete information about all of this, so please read through this post till the end.

In this Faded Wheel, Animation and Gloowall skins are placed as Grand Prizes. Both prizes are very appealing. If you have diamonds, you can claim both rewards. The names of these two grand rewards are given below.

New Lamborghini Faded Wheel launched rewards
  1. Lamborghini Drift Animation
  2. Gloowall – Lamborghini Shield

Apart from these two prizes, some other rewards are included that are not as impressive.

  • Cube Fragments
  • Supply Crate
  • Armor Crate
  • Gun Box
  • Camouflage Parachute
  • Surfing Through the Stars
  • Pet Food

Before spinning, you need to remove any two rewards from the aforementioned list. Only then can you spin.

For this Faded Wheel, the initial spin costs 9 diamonds. After that, the number of diamonds increases, as follows:

New Lamborghini Faded Wheel
Spin NumberDiamond Cost

To claim the Animation and Gloowall skins from this Faded Wheel, a total of 1082 diamonds is required. With 1082 diamonds, you can acquire this Grand Prize. If luck is on your side, you might obtain this Grand Prize in the first spin itself.

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