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Pubg ka baap kaun hai

pubg ka baap kaun hai

“PUBG ka baap Free Fire hai”, Free Fire is called “PUBG ka baap”. There is some reason due to which Free Fire is called the baap of PUBG. Today we will know why Free Fire is “PUBG ka baap”

First of all, know what is Free Fire and PUBG? Later we will compare both, will see the reviews of people on Free Fire and PUBG, then we will say PUBG ka baap kaun hai

What is Free Fire?

 Free Fire is a battle royale game, there are many modes available to play in Free Fire, with the most full map games being played. Up to 50 players can play in this mode. All these players are sent down a map with the help of a parachute with the help of an aeroplane, then they have to find guns on the map and kill each other, whichever player survives till the last is declared the winner. This game lasts for 15 minutes

  If you play any mode in Free Fire and you are the winner, then it is called Booyah in the language of Free Fire which means you have won the game.

 Who made the Free Fire game?

 Free Fire is developed by Garena Company

Free Fire was launched on 23rd August 2017

 The CEO of Free Fire is Forrest Li who created this game. He is originally from China but Free Fire is not a Chinese game, this game is developed by Garena and is a Singapore company.

Garena is a Singapore-based online game developer and publisher of free games.

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What is PUBG

 PUBG is also a battle royale game. The player of this game is sent to a map by parachute with the help of an aeroplane to battle with the other 99 players.

 After going through the map, all the players find guns to kill each other and kill each other, whoever survives till the end is declared the winner.

 Whichever player wins the game, it is called Chicken Dinner in the language of PUBG. That means he has won the game.

 There are many modes available in this game in which you can play in your favourite mode.

 This game is very similar to Free Fire and in both, you have to survive till the end.

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Who made PUBG

 PUBG was made by a Korean company, which you could play only on PC, but a Chinese company tied up with a Korean company to make a mobile version of PUBG.

 The full name of PUBG is Player Unknown Battleground.

Pc PUBG was launched on 23 March 2017

PUBG Mobile was launched on 4 September 2018

 The mobile version of PUBG was liked by the gamers and youth of India and all over the world and made an identity of its own, but China was stealing the personal details of Indians under this mobile game, so it was banned in India.

 After PUBG was banned, the Korean company launched BGMI in India, it is the same PUBG but changed its name to BGMI. BGMI is also becoming quite famous in India.

 The full name of BGMI is Multiplayer Battlegrounds Mobile India.

 We believe that now you must have come to know what is Free Fire and PUBG, now we will equate these two and based on the rating of the people, we will know PUBG ka baap kaun hai.

Comparison of Free Fire and Pubg


 First of all, we will know about the size of both.

The download size of the Free Fire game is 800MB while the PUBG(BGMI) download size is 1GB to 2GB.

 Free Fire competes with PUBG in terms of size, in this case, Free Fire PUBG ka baap hai


free fire and bgmi graphic Comparison
Graphics Comparison

 The graphics of Free Fire have a little cartoon type whereas the graphics of PUBG are like real graphics. Pubg is ahead of Free Fire in this matter.

Talking about the graphics, earlier the graphic of Free Fire was cartoon type but now it has been developed.

Now Graphics don’t make much difference between pung and free fire

You can see the picture of the graphic of both below.


 More than 100 crore people have downloaded Free Fire so far while PUBG (BGMI) has been downloaded by 5 crores. The old PUBG was downloaded for 50 crores. But according to recent data, Free Fire is ahead of PUBG in terms of downloads.


 Free Fire comes with characters with different abilities, which makes Free Fire different from other battle royale games. All these characters have different characteristics.

 There are characters in Pubg but it has no ability.

 In this case Free Fire PUBG ka baap hai.

Lage problem

 You can play Free Fire comfortably on a 2GB smartphone but you cannot play Pubg on a smartphone with 2GB RAM.

 To run Free Fire, if you have a smartphone with at least 2GB of RAM, then it will work.

 Right now the size of the Free Fire is increasing, so you must have a smartphone with 3GB RAM.

 To play PUBG, you must have a smartphone with at least 4GB of RAM, you cannot play PUBG on a smartphone with less RAM.

 Recently, the problem of the free fire leg has come to the fore, due to which this game sometimes sticks even in smartphones with good RAM.

 If you have a smartphone with 4GB and above RAM, then PUBG will never play.

 In terms of leg, Free Fire and PUBG are similar.


 Free Fire has got a rating of 4.2 stars in Playstore and Pubg(BGMI) has got a rating of 4.4 stars.

 In terms of rating, Pubg is ahead of Free Fire.

 Gamers who play Free Fire say that the experience you get in playing Free Fire is not found in PUBG.

 And gamers with Pubg say that Free Fire is a cartoon game and playing it is not as fun as Pubg.

 If we talk about people’s ideas about the game these days, then both give a lot of competition to each other. That’s why it is very difficult to say that PUBG ka baap koun hai

 We can tell you through the above article that Free Fire PUBG ka baap hai.

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