Sahadev | Eagle Movie Release date, Budget And More

Sahadev movie is set to release in the Telugu language with two names. The movie will be released as ‘Eagle’ in Telugu and as ‘Sahadev’ in Hindi. It is anticipated to be the best movie.

Sahadev Teaser

The teaser of the Sahadev movie has been released in the Telugu language, garnering 6.4 million views on YouTube. The Hindi version of the teaser has also been released and has accumulated 1.7 million views. The teaser features Ravi Teja, showcasing various action scenes.

Sahadev Movie Cast

The movie boasts a diverse cast, including.

  • Ravi Teja
  • Kavya Thapar
  • Anupama Parameswaral
  • Madhoo
  • Navdeep
  • Srinivas Avasarala
  • Praneetha Patnaik
  • Nithin Mehta

Several other actresses have also contributed to this action-packed film.

The movie narrates the story of Sahadev, played by Ravi Teja, who remains unseen by everyone, residing in the jungle. He emerges as a savior, protecting everyone with his impeccable marksmanship. The movie promises an intense storyline and can be enjoyed in the Hindi language.

Sahadev Movie More Details

Directed and written by Karthik Gattamneni, the movie features Ravi Teja in a significant role. Ravi Teja, known for his successful movies, is expected to deliver another hit with Sahadev.

As for the budget details, nothing has leaked yet, but the movie is reportedly made with a budget of 100 crores.

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