The OB43 patch update has been released in the Free Fire game, and the visible changes in the game after this update are outlined below.

A new character named Ryden has been introduced in the game, who will be an active skill character. This character is part of the Free Fire universe, and his age is only 16 years. 

New Character

Some character abilities have been nerfed in the game, namely:  Tatsuya Sonia Orion Antonio 

The abilities of four characters have been improved in the game, including:  Santino  Ignis  Homer  Wukong  Chrono 

There have been some minor changes in the abilities of the following two characters:  Alvaro  Ford 

NexTerra Map Rework Four locations in the NexTerra Map, namely Zipway, Grav Labs, Farmtopia, and Mortar Ruins, have been redesigned. Additionally, the size of this map has been reduced. 

Weapon Adjustment Changes have been made to the following guns in the game

Kingfisher: Damage +7%, Range -10%  G36: Damage +3%, Accuracy +5%  M500: Headshot Damage +5%  M60: Maximum Damage -10%  Trogon: Damage -7%, Magazine reduced from 12 to 9  VSS: Rate of Fire +10%

Apart from the Special CS Rank mode, players can now use two active skills in the Lone Wolf mode, allowing them to battle with two active skills. 

Friend Spectating System If your friend is playing the game, you can spectate their gameplay. This new feature in the game will be quite helpful for players.