After the OB42 update in Free Fire, a new character was launched.

The name of this new character launching in the game is Ignis.  

Ignis is the 57th character to be launched in Free Fire and the 18th active skill character.  

The ability of the Ignis character is called 'Flame Mirage,' which is an active skill. 

When a player activates this ability, a large 10-meter fire wall will appear in front of the player.  

The player can place this wall up to a distance of 15 meters. After placing the wall, it will last for 8 seconds. 

If an enemy enters this fire wall, they will immediately receive 30 damage, and then they will continue to receive 10 damage for the next 2 seconds. 

In addition to dealing damage to the enemy, this fire wall will also deal 10% damage to the enemy's armor 

Besides, if a Gloo Wall is placed inside this fire wall, it will immediately receive 200 damage.