Players are often asking this question: When will Free Fire India be launched?

Free Fire India was scheduled to launch on September 5, 2023, but was postponed due to server issues.

The game developer has not yet announced a new launch date.

It is estimated that Free Fire India might be launched by September 26, 2023.

Whenever the game is about to launch, the game developer will make an official announcement a few days before.

Currently, the launch date is not fixed, and the game won't be released until the server issues are resolved. It may take a few more weeks as it has already been two weeks.

For now, you can play Free Fire Max and wait a little longer.

You will know when Free Fire India is about to launch because the game's hype will build up again.

As of now, the game has not been launched, so you won't find it available for download anywhere.

There is an official website for this game,, so don't consider any third-party website as official.