J.Biebs is the 49th character set to launch in Free Fire. He is a male character.

J.Biebs is 28 years old, born on January 3rd.

The skill of J.Biebs' character is called 'Silent Sentinel,' which is a teamwork skill.

J.Biebs is a passive skill character. If a player uses it and has EP (Energy Points), they will receive 12% less damage.

There is no cooldown time for J.Biebs' character. If you use this character, your friends will also receive 12% less damage.

Currently, many players are using this character in both CS (Clash Squad) and BR (Battle Royale) ranks. This character is very good.

You can use 3 passive abilities and 1 active ability with J.Biebs' character.

To purchase the J.Biebs character, you need 499 diamonds or 10,000 gold coins.