Leon is a student of Free Fire Universe who is a basketball player. He has a bionic leg but still plays basketball quite well.

Leon was born on 30th September and is a 20-year-old character in Free Fire with a passive ability.

Leon's ability is named 'Buzzer Beater,' which is a survival passive ability that will aid the player in surviving.

When the player equips Leon's ability in their character, they will gain 30 HP survival.

This HP will be received only when the player's HP is less than 200. If the player's HP is full (200 HP), they won't get an extra 30 HP.

When the player receives damage from an enemy, the player's HP will automatically recover by 30 after some time, without needing to survive.

The player will have to survive for a few seconds without getting damaged by enemies to receive the 30 HP recovery.

This ability can be quite helpful for the player in both Battle Royale (BR) and Clash Squad (CS) modes.