Introduction of the OB42 Advance Server, a test version of the upcoming changes.

Duo Active Skill in Special Clash Squad may become permanent. 

FF Coin machines on the map for players to collect coins with a cooldown period. 

Character ability changes: Improved Abilities:  Elite Kelly, Joseph, Nikita Nerfed Abilities:  Sonia, Orion, Thiva, Dimitri, M124 

Introduction of a new Snow Map, replacing the Bermuda map. 

Addition of a new character named Ignis with a fire wall active ability. 

New items in the Vending Machine, including abilities of Clu and Chrono characters, Teleport, and Jumping Shoes. 

Changes to the Peak House, including a roof area and access to the second floor. 

Last Zone changes in BR Rank and Full Map modes for a dynamic experience. 

These changes are expected to be implemented after the OB42 update, scheduled for October 31 or November 1.