Orion is the 55th character of Free Fire, launched after the 21 March 2023 patch update.

Orion is a Male character in the Free Fire game with an active skill.

Orion's character ability is called "Crimson Crush," which is a Special Survival Active Ability.

Instead of EP, he uses 300 Crimson Energy.

By spending 150 Crimson Energy, he can activate "Drotection" (Red Shield).

During "Drotection," he cannot take damage, and he cannot attack enemies.

During "Drotection," within a 5-meter radius, he will absorb 10 HP from any enemies present.

"Drotection" lasts for 3 seconds. Afterward, there is a 3-second cooldown before it can be used again.

Currently, he is one of the trending characters in Free Fire.