Which are the top 3 most used guns for long range, mid-range, and short range in Free Fire?

In Free Fire, different guns are used for long-range, mid-range, and short-range fights.

For engaging in long-range fights, the top 3 most used guns are: 1. AK47 2. M4A1 3. SCAR

Apart from these three guns, there's another gun that professional players use more than these three and is even more lethal.

The gun we're referring to is the AWM, also known as the sniper. It can eliminate any player with just one shot.

The top 3 guns for short-range fights: 1. M1887 2. MP40 3. M1014

These three guns are extensively used in close combat situations. 

For mid-range fights, the top 3 guns used are UMP, MP5, and P90.

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