"Virupaksha" unveils a cursed village's mysteries with a blend of horror, tantric rituals, and unexpected twists in Telugu cinema.

Malayalam's "Kaathal The Core" brilliantly addresses political aspirations, marital challenges, and societal behavior changes.

In Malayalam film "Neru," a police station suicide triggers an investigation, unraveling unique character stories and showcasing Joju George's compelling performance.

"Baipan Bhari Deva," a 2-hour 15-minute film, transforms perspectives on women, humorously portraying the interconnected lives of six sisters.

"Iratta" delves into the emotional turmoil within a police station as an officer's suicide prompts a deeper exploration of character struggles, featuring Joju George.

Telugu crime thriller "Hidimbha" hooks audiences with a gripping investigation into missing girls, offering typical yet captivating twists, free on YouTube in Hindi.

Tamil film "Good Night" turns a small issue like snoring into an enjoyable 2-hour 20-minute family comedy, available with good Hindi dubbing.

Netflix's "Three Of Us," a 1-hour 40-minute emotional journey, earns a 7.6 rating, leaving a positive impact with stellar performances by Shefali Shah and Jaydeep.

Director Basil Alchalakkal's debut, "Toby," is a super hit with Rishabh Shetty's outstanding performance and intense scenes, available on Sony Liv.

"Family," a Malayalam drama with a low budget but high content, intricately weaves each family member's life problems, challenging perspectives.