Dive into a world of suspense with these top Indian crime web stories of 2023.

Top 8 Indian Crime Thriller Movies

Crime thriller on Meghna's quest to uncover the mystery behind her husband's disappearance; available on Amazon Prime Video.

Tatsama Tadbhava

Rupa's husband dies mysteriously, and Rajiv seeks to solve the mystery; watch on Amazon Prime Video.

The Trial

Munnu, after serving jail time, tries to reunite with his love; available on Amazon Prime Video.

Sapta Sagaradaahe Ello

Surya discovers a mysterious pen leading to unexplained deaths; find it on Amazon Prime Video.


Vijay investigates a murder mystery involving a journalist; catch it on Amazon Prime Video.


Vijay gets involved in a dangerous gang war while aspiring to be a football player; watch on Disney+ Hotstar.

Fight Club

An honest cop faces consequences despite innocence; available on Aha Original.


An abused blind girl seeks justice; find out how she achieves it on Disney+ Hotstar.