Who is Badge 99 and what's their real name? If you don't know Badge 99, let's delve into it

Badge 99 is a highly famous player in Free Fire, known as Bharat Singh in real life.

Badge 99's Free Fire UID is '317768081,' and their in-game name is 'BADGE99 10M.'

They are currently at level 71 in their Free Fire account, amassing a total of 53,620 likes.

They started their YouTube channel on May 2nd, 2018. Presently, they have 10.2 million subscribers with a total of 744 uploaded videos.

Badge 99 is often recognized by fans as 'Red Criminal' because they frequently play games wearing the Red Criminal Bundle.

They are a partner of the program 'Partner Program,' allowing them to receive early updates about Free Fire.

They mostly engage in squad games, having played a total of 9480 squad matches, winning 1601 games and securing 27454 kills.

Badge 99 has participated in 3183 CS matches, winning 1890, and eliminating 17594 players.

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