Badge 99 (Bharat Singh) Free Fire Uid, Gameplay and more

Badge 99 Free Fire is a very famous player. His Free Fire UID is “317768081“, and his name in Free Fire is BADGE99 10M. Badge 99’s real name is Bharat Singh. and we’ll provide comprehensive information about them in this post. For those unfamiliar, this post will cover details about this player till the end.

Introduction to Badge 99

Badge 99 is a famous Free Fire player from India and runs a YouTube channel where they upload impressive gameplay videos of Free Fire. Initially, Badge 99 used to upload videos without revealing their face, but some months ago, they unveiled their identity and now upload videos with their face visible. For more information, you can check their social media accounts.

YouTube channel

Badge 99 started their YouTube channel on May 2, 2018, and has been consistently uploading Free Fire videos since then. They primarily upload Solo vs. Squad and gun skin-related videos on their channel.

Known to most fans as ‘Red Criminal,’ Badge 99 often plays with the Red Criminal bundle and engages in intense gameplay.

Badge 99 is a part of the Partner Program with Garena, enabling them to receive early information about upcoming updates in Free Fire, which they share on their YouTube channel.

They currently boast 10.2 million subscribers on their YouTube channel and have uploaded a total of 744 videos.

Badge 99’s Free Fire Max Gameplay BR and CS

Badge 99’s Free Fire account is at level 71 with 53,620 likes. His Free Fire UID is “317768081”, and his name in Free Fire is BADGE99 10M.

badge99 free fire uid

BR Solo Career

Till now he has played a total of 1151 Solo games in which he has won 84 games and made 2857 kills.

Games Played1151
Top 10338
Top 10 Rate29.24%
Avg Damage704
Most Eliminations29
Headshot Rate29.51%

BR Duo Career

Till now he has played a total of 2024 Duo games in which he has won 189 games and made a total of 4384 kills.

Games Played2024
Top 5532
Top 5 Rate26.28%
Avg Damage765
Most Eliminations21
Headshot Rate25.55%

BR Squad Career

He plays the most squad games, he has played a total of 9480 squad games so far. In which he has won 1601 games and made a total of 27454 kills.

Games Played9480
Top 32427
Top 3 Rate25.60%
Avg Damage1231
Most Eliminations26
Headshot Rate32.48%

CS Gameplay

Games Played3183
Win Rate59.38%
Headshot Rate55.47%

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