Dimitri is currently the most used character in Free Fire.

Free Fire collaborated with Dimitri Thivaios to launch this character.

The player uses this character a lot due to its ability.

This character's ability is named 'Healing Heartbeat,' which is a special teamwork and function-active ability.

As it's an active ability, the player needs to manually activate it by pressing a button.

When the player activates its ability, a healing zone of 3.5 meters around them will be created, recovering 10HP per second for the player.

Moreover, if you get knocked within this healing zone, you can auto-revive without a teammate. This healing zone also works for the player's teammates.

The healing zone will only last for 6 seconds. To use this ability again, the player will have to wait for 90 seconds.

Currently, Dimitri is the trending character in Free Fire, with over 60% of players using this character's ability.