Santino is the 54th character to be launched in Free Fire. He is an active skill character.

Santino's ability is named 'Shape Splitter,' which is a special survival active ability.

When the player activates this ability, a mannequin of their character will be created.

This mannequin will continue to move forward for 20 seconds, and if it encounters any obstacles, it will stop there.

If the player clicks on the ability again, the player will teleport to the location of this mannequin .

To teleport, the player must click again within 20 seconds of starting the ability.

If the player does not click again to teleport before the ability ends, they will not be able to teleport to the mannequin 's location.

The cooldown time for this ability is 80 seconds.

The player can buy this character for 499 diamonds or 10,000 gold coins.