Homer is the 46th character set to launch in Free Fire.

This character was born on June 1st and is a 30-year-old male character.

Homer has been blind since childhood, so he keeps a drone with him that helps him navigate.

The ability of the Homer character is called 'Senses Shockwave,' which is an active ability.

If a player wants to use this ability, they have to manually activate it because it is an active ability.

Upon activating the ability, within a range of 100 meters, a pulse explosion of 4 meters radius occurs above the enemy through the drone.

The explosion inflicts 25HP damage to the enemy and reduces their speed by 60%, along with a 35% decrease in firing speed.

The effect of the attack via the drone lasts for 5 seconds. After using the ability, it can be reused after a cooldown of 90 seconds.

Players can also use 3 passive skills along with this character.

For rusher players, this character's ability proves to be quite helpful.

This character can be purchased by players for 499 diamonds or 10,000 gold coins.