Kenta is the 45th character set to launch in Free Fire.

This character was born on May 5th and is a 38-year-old male character.

Kenta Hayato is a member of the  Yagami family. He speaks very little but performs his tasks exceptionally well.

Kenta is serving the Yagami family and fighting alongside them.

The ability of the Kenta character is called Swordsmans Wrath, which is a survival ability.

If a player uses this ability, they have to activate it because it's an active skill ability.

Upon activation, a shield-like barrier of 5 meters appears, reducing incoming frontal gunfire damage by 60%.

This shield will only last for 5 seconds, and once the ability is used, it can be reused after a cooldown of 70 seconds.

Players can also utilize 3 passive abilities with this character.

The entire costume of the Kenta character is designed like a superhero, with the color of the entire costume being black and blue.

Players can purchase this character for 499 diamonds or 10,000 gold coins.