Free Fire has introduced the Lamborghini Faded Wheel. Within this Faded Wheel, two grand prizes have been launched.

An animation named Lamborghini Drift has been introduced in this Faded Wheel.

This animation triggers upon someone viewing a player's profile and upon achieving MVP status.

In this event, a skin for Gloo Wall has been released named Lamborghini Shield. This Gloo Wall skin is quite impressive.

There are additional rewards in this event, although they are not particularly exceptional. To spin the Faded Wheel, two rewards need to be removed.

To claim the grand prize in this Faded Wheel, a total of 8 spins are required.

The first spin costs 9 diamonds, and the subsequent spins increase in diamond cost.

The cost per spin starts at 9, then increases to 19, 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, and the last spin costs 499 diamonds. A total of 1082 diamonds are needed for all spins.

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