Otho is a character created by the game developer of Free Fire.

In the Free Fire universe, Otho is a memory tech engineer at a polytechnic university.

He is a male character born on November 1st and is 21 years old.

Otho is a university student who enjoys watching the completion every day.

This character has a unique ability called Memory Mist.

Otho's ability is a passive ability that can be used in combination with an active ability by the player.

When a player uses Otho's ability, upon killing an enemy, the locations of all enemies within a 20-meter radius are revealed.

Along with their locations, the movement speed of enemies within that radius is reduced by 25% for 4 seconds.

If an enemy kills another enemy, the locations of all enemies within the same 20-meter radius will also be revealed, and their movement speed will be reduced.