Nairi is the 44th character set to launch in Free Fire.

Nairi was born on December 27 and is a 23-year-old male character.

He had a fondness for the weather at a young age but was kept away from the cold climate.

However, his love for snow inspired him to find a way back there. He enjoyed staying in the snow.

He explored micro-manipulation climate technology to stay in the snow. Now, he spends his time rock climbing and on long hiking trips.

Nairi's character ability is named Ice Iron, a survival ability.

If a player uses this ability, there's no need to activate it as it's a passive ability.

If a player receives damage while using the Ice Iron, they recover 20 HP per shot, up to a maximum of 40 HP.

Within 5 meters of a Gloo Wall, if there's teammate, they also recover 20 HP.

The Gloo Wall will recover 150 HP every second. No player can break the Gloo Wall.

A player can use one active and two passive abilities with this character.

This ability proves extremely helpful during survival on the BR map.