Exploring Tata Curvv SUV: Features, Variants, and Affordable Pricing for 2024

If you’re considering not buying in 2024, you can opt for Tata Company’s car tax. Every car from Tata Company is exceptionally beautiful, featuring good features and a stylish look. In each Tata car, you get impressive features, and safety features are also significantly improved. Tata Company is set to launch two new cars in 2024, and if your budget is under 10 lakhs, you can choose one of these cars.

Tata Curvv will be launched in two models: Tata Curvv and Tata Curvv Ev.

If you also want to go for the Tata Code petrol or diesel variant, we will provide complete information in this post. If you want to know about its UV weight, we will provide full details in the next post.

Tata Curvv SUV Features

Tata Curved
Tata Curved


In Tata Curvv, you will get a 1.2-liter Turbo Petrol engine producing 123 BHP power and 225 NM torque. This engine is powerful and fuel-efficient.

Tire and Look

Tata Curvv SUV will have LED lights in the front and two LED satellites. This car will come with 17-inch tires. There are various colors available, but the red color looks exceptionally good.

Interior Look of Tata Curvv

The Tata Curvv SUV looks as beautiful inside as it does outside. It features two touch screen displays for speed and petrol display. The seats come with full leather. There is a door on top of the car. Inside the car, you can listen to songs, open maps, and it comes with a 360° camera in the front and back. You can see it on the display. You can connect your entire mobile phone and charge it.


Tata Curvv SUV will launch two models, one with a petrol engine and the other with a diesel engine.

Tata Curvv SUV Price

Tata Company offers all cars at a very reasonable price, and this SUV is also launching at a very low budget. You can buy this car for under 10 lakhs.

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