Free Fire Max – Top 10 Change After OB43 Update

“If you’re also a Free Fire player, you must be aware that a big update is coming to our Free Fire in a few days, bringing many changes to the game. Today, we’ll tell you about some of these changes, so read this post till the end if you want to know about them.

A few days ago, the developers of Free Fire released the Advance Server, incorporating numerous changes. Many YouTubers have already created videos about it, and today, we’ll share some new changes with you.

Free Fire OB43 Update
Free Fire OB43 Update

Top 10 Change After OB43 Update

In Free Fire, the pickup truck currently accommodates only two players, but after this update, it will allow four players. This means we can now take our entire team and travel anywhere.

Previously, there was no Danger Zone in Free Fire, but after this update, they are bringing it back. Those who like this update can comment and share their thoughts.

In Free Fire, when we play Clash Squad, if we accidentally purchase a gun, we run out of coins and can’t buy another weapon. However, after the update, if we mistakenly purchase a different gun, we can reset the purchase and get our coins back.

After this update, in both BR Rank and CS Rank, a Cyber Mushroom will be released as an item. Using it will grant you more HP or increase your movement speed.

With this update in Free Fire, if we hit headshots, our Deep Red numbers will return. Those who like this Deep Red number can comment and express their preference.

For those playing BR Rank in Free Fire, the loot house can now be opened with its key or will automatically unlock after some time, eliminating the need to charge it.

Currently, Free Fire has many sniper guns, but after this update, a new sniper gun named VS94 will be added.

When we land in BR Rank in Free Fire, we start with nothing in our hands. However, after the update, during landing, we can pick up a UMP and engage in direct fights.

Now, let’s talk about two characters that will undergo changes. Currently, we can use the Tatsuya character three times, but after the update, it will be limited to two uses.

For Sonia character users, her Nano Life will reduce from 3 seconds to 2 seconds after this update.

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