Bhakshak Review: A Must-Watch Film Exposing Society’s Shadows with Courage and Wisdom

Friends, there are some movies that leave a lasting impact on your heart and mind, making you think about them for a long time. ‘Bhakshak‘ is one such movie.

‘Bhakshak’ is inspired by a real incident, depicting a place where an orphanage exists, and unspeakable violence is perpetrated against innocent girls. The wrongdoers are influential people with political connections, making it difficult to stop or question them. A young and determined reporter, played by Bhumi Pednekar, brings this sensitive issue to light. The story unfolds from there, revealing whether justice will prevail for these innocent girls.

Bhakshak Review

After watching this movie, words may fall short to express the emotional impact it leaves. It is an extremely sensitive movie that makes us realize what is happening in the world around us. Despite being aware of the prevailing issues, society remains silent. The movie begins with a disclaimer that it is based on a real incident, emphasizing the harsh reality rather than fictionalizing it. It prompts reflection on the societal norms where criminals roam freely, untouched by any consequences.

This film presents a mirror to society, and credit must be given to the makers for their courage. The casting is commendable, with Bhumi Pednekar delivering a strong performance. Sanjay Mishra plays his usual reliable character, and Aditya Shrivastava impresses in a negative role. The supporting cast performs well, creating a natural and impactful atmosphere.

Technically, the movie excels in visuals and sound, creating a disturbing atmosphere that leaves a profound impact. The BGM adds to the overall high-quality content of the film. Considering its technical and content aspects, the movie deserves a rating of 8.5 out of 10.

However, the drawback lies in the inconsistent screen play, with some scenes feeling slow while others are rushed. Despite this, ‘Bhakshak’ remains a must-watch for its high-quality content, shedding light on harsh realities that society often ignores.

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