Fighter Movie Collection: Fighter Day 10 Collection

The much-awaited release of Hrithik Roshan’s latest film, Fighter, has set the cinema halls ablaze, and the initial box office collections are creating waves.

Before its release, the film generated immense hype and a frenzy among fans, primarily driven by Hrithik Roshan’s dedicated fanbase. However, the surprising twist in the tale came in the afternoon shows on the first day when the official collection for the afternoon shows, between 2 to 3 PM, stood at a modest 10 to 11 crores.

Fighter Movie All Day Collection

The public and critic reviews started pouring in after the release, igniting a positive response from the audience. The evening shows saw an improvement, and the night shows witnessed a significant jump, resulting in a noticeable boost in the overall box office collection.

Breaking down the occupancy rates, the 2D Hindi version recorded 12% in the morning, 15% in the afternoon, 22% in the evening, and a substantial leap to 35% at night, averaging out to a solid 21%. The 3D Hindi version mirrored these numbers, matching a commendable 21% overall average.

In the bustling city of Mumbai, where 658 shows were screened, the overall occupancy rate across morning, afternoon, evening, and night shows stood at a commendable 17%.

Fighter Day 1 (Opening Day) Collection

The much-anticipated film “Fighter” made a powerful debut on its first day, Thursday, amassing a staggering ₹22.5 Cr in net collections across India. The strong opening reflects the audience’s excitement and anticipation for this cinematic offering.

Fighter Day 2 Collection

Continuing its triumphant journey, “Fighter” witnessed a substantial surge in collections on its second day, Friday, reaching an impressive ₹39 Cr. The film’s gripping narrative and stellar performances seem to have struck a chord with the audience.

Fighter Day 3 Collection

As the weekend unfolded, “Fighter” maintained its box office prowess on Saturday, accumulating ₹28 Cr. The consistent performance suggests sustained viewer interest and positive word of mouth contributing to the film’s success.

Fighter Day 4 Collection

Closing the opening weekend on a high note, “Fighter” secured ₹28 Cr in net collections on its fourth day, Sunday. The film’s engaging content and strong box office numbers indicate a successful run at theaters.

Fighter Day 5 Collection

While there was a noticeable decline on the 5th day, with a collection of ₹8.00 crore on Monday, the film still managed to maintain a considerable box office performance during the weekdays.

Fighter Day 6 Collection

The positive streak continued on the 6th day, albeit with a slight dip, as the film collected ₹7.75 crore on Tuesday, showcasing resilience in its mid-week run.

Fighter Day 7 Collection

On the 7th day, “Fighter” saw a further decline in collections, with ₹6.35 crore on Wednesday. Despite this, the film maintained a solid overall performance throughout the opening week.

Fighter Day 8 Collection

Continuing its steady run, the eighth day saw collections of ₹06.00 Crores. The film’s ability to attract audiences even beyond the initial excitement showcased its enduring popularity.

Fighter Day 9 Collection

On the ninth day, “Fighter” secured ₹05.35 Crores, maintaining a respectable box office figure. The film’s performance over the second weekend highlighted its consistent appeal.

Fighter Day 10 Collection

Closing the first week on a high note, “Fighter” entered the double-digit milestone on the tenth day with collections of ₹10 Crores. This marked a significant achievement for the film, solidifying its position as a box office success.

Fighter Box Office Collection Table

DayIndia Net Collection
Day 1₹22.50 Cr
Day 2₹39.00 Cr
Day 3₹28.00 Cr
Day 4₹28.00 Cr
Day 5₹08.00 Cr
Day 6₹07.75 Cr
Day 7₹06.35 Cr
Day 8₹06.00 Cr
Day 9₹05.35 Cr
Day 10₹10 Cr
Total₹160.95 Cr

By the end of the first week, “Fighter” amassed a commendable total India net collection of ₹160.95 Cr, reflecting the film’s success and its ability to attract audiences to the theaters.

While the initial collection of Fighter may seem modest compared to some high-profile releases, it’s crucial to note that the film’s journey has just begun, and with positive audience reactions, the weekend collections are anticipated to soar. Stay tuned for more updates on Fighter’s box office performance!

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