Indus Battle Royale game released in beta version, know how to download it?

Indus Battle Royale has released its second trailer on its official platform. The trailer is quite powerful and visually appealing, coinciding with the release of the beta version of the game. In today’s post, we will discuss the Indus Battle Royale game, its release, and the beta version download.

The 3 minutes and 20 seconds beta trailer have been uploaded on Indus’ official channel. The high-quality trailer showcases impressive animations, visuals, and voiceovers. The focus of the trailer is on “Cosmism,” a rare element in the game that grants control over the galaxy. The scenario involves three surviving squads in a temple, aiming to either eliminate all opponents or obtain the Cosmism hidden within.

The remaining squads are seen in the fight scene, featuring different myth walkers with various weapons and abilities. The Indus bike and even a knife make appearances. The trailer concludes with a finishing move, the acquisition of Morning Cosmism, and an iconic line.

The core point is that Indus is a new game, and winning requires using the Cosmism Clutch. Unlike traditional games where simply defeating all squads ensures victory, this unique factor sets it apart from other battle royale games, highlighted as differentiable from Apex. The graphics and voiceovers have significantly improved from the last trailer.

Indus Beta Access and Exclusive Cosmetics

The beta access for the game has started. Players can try the game on their phones and experience action across the entire map. New features suggested during community playtests and esports invitationals have been added.

How to Access Indus Beta


To access the beta, sign up on The beta access is limited, so waitlisted users need to be patient. Once access is granted, redeem it on the same website, and participants receive exclusive cosmetic items.

Game Engine and Compatibility

Indus runs on the Indus engine, a custom text jack based on the Unity engine. The game is designed to work on phones with 4GB RAM, as demonstrated during internal testing. Tests on flagship phones from 2023 showed a consistent 60fps on maximum settings.

Future Developments and Settings

While the game currently does not support 90 or 120fps due to graphics limitations, the settings allow customization of texture quality, draw distance, anti-aliasing, and more. The development team is working on making the game playable on lower-end devices.

In conclusion, the game offers a unique beta experience with potential future improvements. It has been tested on a variety of devices, and users can customize settings for optimal gameplay.

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