Free Fire Max Top 11 Myths 2024

Hello friends, we hope you are doing well. Today, we are going to tell you about the top 11 myths in Free Fire Max. If you don’t know what myths are, we will also explain that. First, let us tell you about myths.

About Myths

free fire max myth 2024

In Free Fire, there are some glitches that come with updates, and those interesting glitches are called myths. Today, we will tell you about top 11 myths that are quite entertaining, and you should give them a try.

The Top 13 Myths

  1. First, equip the Lamborghini Arrival animation, then see Antonio’s character holding it in his hand when entering the group.
  2. If you shoot an enemy in the head, they will fall backward, but if you shoot them in the body, they will fall forward.
  3. After this update, the 8X scope will be available in the game; a hint has already been dropped.
  4. In Smooth graphics, you won’t see any costumes on enemies.
  5. Keep the scope on while approaching a tire, then jump on the tire twice.
  6. The Majestic Prowler Woodpecker’s voice turns into a tiger’s voice at the end.
  7. If someone goes back in the anime lobby, their dead body will also fall in the lobby.
  8. Check settings on the guild page to find the Past Glory score.
  9. Using Harisjalain at the end of Booyah time won’t affect it.
  10. Attacking Lone Wolf while using a medkit will still show them holding the medkit after they die.
  11. After the update, firing in water will create a big effect.
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