Free Fire Max Upcoming Event And Faded Wheel

Free Fire is set to receive a major update tomorrow, with developers launching numerous events post the update. Today, they have also introduced a Faded Wheel event. We will provide you with complete information about all of these.

Upcoming Event And Faded Wheel
Upcoming Event And Faded Wheel

Moco Store

In Free Fire, soon a bundle named Street Thug Bundle will be released, along with its female counterpart, Night Bandit Bundle, both available in the Moco Store event.

Next Gold Royale

Following tomorrow’s update, a new bundle named Chili Bundle will be added to the Gold Royale.

Next Weapons Royale

After tomorrow’s update, Weapon Royale will include a new gun skin called Beast Of Legend with the following attributes:

  • Range +
  • Reload speed ++
  • Movement Speed –

New Faded Wheel

Developers have launched a new Faded Wheel in Free Fire, featuring an animation. The first spin costs 9 diamonds, increasing with each subsequent spin. However, to spin in this event, you need to remove any two rewards.

  1. 9 diamonds
  2. 19 diamonds
  3. 39 diamonds
  4. 69 diamonds
  5. 99 diamonds
  6. 149 diamonds
  7. 199 diamonds
  8. 499 diamonds

In total, you need to spin 8 times, requiring a total of 1082 diamonds. With 1082 diamonds, you can obtain the grand prize.

Now, let’s share information about the grand prize, which includes:

  • Stomping Foot Emote
  • Eeriness Backpack
  • Eclipse Reigning Parachute
  • Cube Fragments
  • Supply Crate
  • Armor Crate
  • Gun Box
  • Pet Food
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