The God Of Free Fire In India

Today, we will know about who the god of Free Fire is. In India, the god of Free Fire is referred to as the top 5 players. The 5 players we are discussing today also play e-sports along with being Free Fire players. These players are referred to as the ‘god of Free Fire’ due to their prowess in e-sports.

But before diving into who the god of Free Fire is, let’s understand a bit about the Free Fire game. Free Fire is a battle royale game played worldwide, particularly popular in Brazil, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and India. Due to high demand for Free Fire, national and international e-sports tournaments are organized where teams from around the world, including India, participate.

The God Of Free Fire In India

Recently, the World Esports Cup took place in Asia, with teams from India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh participating. India’s most powerful team, Total Gaming, and a few players from other teams are known as the ‘god of Free Fire’ due to their exceptional skills.

In the World Esports Cup Asia tournament, India’s Total Gaming team clinched the championship, surpassing major teams. The winning team received 1 million rupees, and the second-ranked team received 500,000 rupees.

God Of Free Fire

Now, let’s discuss the 5 players who are called the God of Free Fire in India. These players are part of the e-sports scene and are exceptionally skilled, even though some players in India who don’t play e-sports are also remarkable in the Free Fire game.

Fozy Ajay

Fozy Ajay, real name Ajay Sharma, has Free Fire ID 29777293. He is both a Free Fire and e-sports player, leading an Indian e-sports team, Total Gaming.


CRJ Vasiyo, real name Vatsal Garasia, ID 286337576, was formerly a member of Total Gaming E-SPORTS but joined another team due to certain reasons. Vasiyo CRJ is considered one of the most dangerous e-sports players and is referred to as the god of Free Fire.


Delete, real name Narai Yadav, is a member of the TG E-SPORTS team, with Free Fire ID 235249808. Delete was the MVP in the Asia E-SPORTS tournament and led the TG E-SPORTS team to victory.


Bala, real name Vora Hitkumar Nilesh, is a member of the TG E-Sport team. He performed exceptionally well in the World Esports Cup: Grand Finals, leading the TG E-Sport team to victory.

Chemin Swastik

Chemin Swastik, real name Swastik Madhukar Dushing, excelled in various tournaments and was the top fragger in the Chemin Esports (formerly – 4 Unknown) Free Fire City Open National Finals and the MVP of Pro League 2021’s first week. Due to his achievements, he is also called the god of Free Fire.

All the players mentioned above not only participate in e-sports tournaments but also represent India globally, earning them the title of the ‘god of Free Fire’ among Free Fire players and e-sports athletes.

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