HanuMan Box Office All Day Collection: On 11th day film has crossed the figure of 140 crore rupees

The recently released film, “HanuMan,” directed by Prasanth Varma and produced by Kandagatla Niranjan Reddy under Primeshow Entertainment, has taken the box office by storm. Despite being a small-budget film, Hanuman has not only surpassed its production cost but also emerged as a significant player in the Indian and global film markets.

With a production cost of only ₹50 crore, Hanuman faced the daunting task of competing with Hollywood standards while ensuring top-notch visual effects and actor fees. The film aimed to create a memorable superhero experience within a limited budget, proving that content is the key to success in the film industry.

Public Response and Profits

Within just three days of its theatrical release, Hanuman not only recovered its budget but also started turning a profit. The audience embraced the film, spreading positive word of mouth that proved more powerful than a ₹100 crore promotion campaign. Hanuman touched the hearts of viewers, becoming a film that will be remembered for a lifetime.

HanuMan Box Office Collections

The film grossed an impressive ₹15 crore on its opening day in India, setting the stage for its remarkable journey. The Hindi version alone collected ₹6.2 crore in two days domestically.

Within three days, Hanuman grossed over ₹75 crore worldwide, with ₹46.5 crore coming from India. The Hindi dubbed version contributed significantly, bringing in ₹12.26 crore in three days. By the fourth day, Hanuman had already crossed the ₹100 crore mark. Hanuman film has collected a total of more than 130 crores worldwide in 7 days of its release.

HanuMan Daily Worldwide Collections

DayBox Office Collection (in Cr)
Day 1₹ 8.05
Day 2₹ 12.45
Day 3₹ 16.00
Day 4₹ 15.20
Day 5₹ 13.11
Day 6₹ 11.34
Day 7₹ 9.50
Day 8₹ 10.05
Day 9₹ 14.25
Day 10₹ 16.50
Day 11₹ 7.50
Total Collection₹ 139.55

Hanuman, being a pan-India film, strategically targeted the Hindi market. In just five days, the Hindi version alone raked in almost ₹19 crore, outperforming other releases around the same time.

Global Triumph

The net figures for the Indian market alone reached ₹70 crore within five days, while the gross figure surpassed ₹80 crore. When converted to worldwide numbers, Hanuman secured an impressive ₹120 crore, showcasing its global appeal and success. The film is now projected to reach a staggering ₹300-400 crore in total collections, marking a groundbreaking achievement for a small-scale Telugu-oriented production.

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