Hindi Dubbed Release of “Death’s Game”: Will Prime Video Introduce a Dubbed Version?

Recently, the Korean series “Death’s Game” made its debut on Prime Video, stirring curiosity among audiences. As discussions arise about its availability in Hindi, especially considering Prime Video’s tendency to dub maximum shows in Hindi, “Death’s Game” remains solely in Korean. This article explores why the series holds such significance and whether Hindi-dubbed versions will be accessible to viewers.

Genre and Story

Death's Game Hindi
Death’s Game Hindi

Belonging to the fantasy drama category, “Death’s Game” has captivated Indian audiences fascinated by Korean dramas. Even for those who understand some Korean or rely on subtitles, this series stands out due to its captivating storyline. The concept and execution of the plot in “Death’s Game” have received praise, making it a treat for avid Korean drama enthusiasts.

Audience Interest and Ratings

The series has earned a remarkable 9-star rating on IMD, indicating a widespread fondness for its storyline. Despite this, the Hindi-dubbed version remains unavailable, leaving a portion of the Indian audience unable to explore the show’s excellence.

Speculation on Hindi Dub Rights

A pivotal question emerges: Did Prime Video acquire the rights for a Hindi-dubbed version? Considering Prime Video’s recent trend of dubbing even older original shows into Hindi, it’s possible that they possess the rights for “Death’s Game” too. This might lead to a Hindi-dubbed release on their platform in the near future.

Expectations and Comparisons

Similar instances in the past, such as with the “Titan” series, showcased a delay between the completion of the original premiere and the availability of its Hindi-dubbed version. Hence, it might be worth a short wait for audiences anticipating the Hindi-dubbed edition on Prime Video.


Currently, Prime Video seems dedicated to Hindi dubbing for shows with high demand in India. Reports suggest that “Death’s Game” may follow suit and become available in Hindi on the platform soon. As Prime Video routinely caters to audience preferences, there’s optimism about the arrival of the Hindi-dubbed version of “Death’s Game” in the coming months.

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