Indian Police Force Series Review: Did Not Live Up to Fans Expectations

In the heart of Bollywood’s directorial preferences, Rohit Shetty stands tall, known for his spectacular cinematic universe featuring the iconic Singham, Simba, and Sooryavanshi. Shetty now invites audiences to the next chapter of this thrilling police universe through the recently launched series, “Indian Police Force,” on Amazon Prime. While Shetty’s movies often dazzle with high-flying cars and action-packed sequences, this television endeavour promises an at-home cinematic experience for viewers.

Launching on January 19, 2024, the show introduces Delhi police officer Kabir Malik, played by an ensemble cast led by renowned actors. Directed by Rohit Shetty and Sushwanth Prakash, the series unfolds with seven episodes, each offering a glimpse into Malik’s journey as he confronts the insidious terrorist Zarar.

Indian Police Force Review

Straightforwardly put, the Indian Police Force doesn’t break new ground in terms of storyline. It’s the classic cop-versus-criminal game that Bollywood has showcased repeatedly. Anticipating suspenseful twists and turns akin to Family Man? Sorry to disappoint, as this series doesn’t even come close to delivering that level of thrill.

Indian Police Force Series Review
Indian Police Force Series Review

With a weak plot and lacklustre writing, the predictability of the climax becomes evident within the initial moments of the show. If you’re expecting the trademark Rohit Shetty grandeur – jaw-dropping action, intense combat scenes, and mind-blowing special effects – you won’t find them in the Indian Police Force series. The show seems to have missed the mark in terms of presentation, leaving much to be desired.

Despite the shortcomings, the series manages to salvage some merit through the actors’ performances. However, even the presence of big-name actors can’t rescue the show from its tedious narrative and uninspiring execution. The lack of authenticity and over-the-top acting by the entire cast further dampens the overall experience.

In our perspective, “Indian Police Force” stands as Rohit Shetty’s weakest project to date. On our rating scale, this series barely scrapes by with a 2 out of 5 stars. The negatives are plenty, with average background music, lukewarm action, and a cast that seems to rely solely on their star power rather than delivering impactful performances.

While the series may not be a groundbreaking addition to Shetty’s repertoire, it still offers a dose of entertainment for those seeking a familiar cop drama. Whether it lives up to the expectations set by its cinematic counterparts is subjective, but one thing is clear – “Indian Police Force” is a hit or miss for audiences seeking an adrenaline-fueled experience on the small screen.

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