Top 5 ‘100% Quality’ Indian Movies of 2023, Full of Crime, Comedy and Drama

In the vast sea of films that inundate our screens, some stand out not for their extravagant budgets but for their compelling narratives and stellar performances. As we delve into the realm of Indian cinema, we uncover the hidden gems of 2023 that promise not just entertainment but an immersive experience. These movies, often overshadowed by mainstream masala flicks, weave tales that resonate long after the credits roll. Join us on a journey through crime, comedy, drama, and family dynamics as we’re going to discuss 100% quality top 5 Indian movies of 2023 that have finally hit OTT platforms in Hindi.


Two police officers in Hyderabad start an investigation as girls keep going missing. The film, ‘Hidimbha,’ is a 2-hour 15-minute Telugu industry gem. With an average rating of 7.2 on IMDb from almost 3000 users, this crime thriller stands out. It hooks you from the start with its intense investigation, and though it may feel a bit typical at times, the twists and turns make it a must-watch. The best part? It’s available for free on YouTube in Hindi.

Good Night

Meet Mohan, a middle-class man with a small problem – snoring. This 2-hour 20-minute Tamil film, available with good Hindi dubbing, will make your family laugh. It cleverly turns a small issue into a big one, and as the plot progresses, the movie becomes more enjoyable.

Three Of Us

Some movies just leave you feeling good inside. The 1-hour 40-minute Netflix film, ‘Three Of Us,’ accomplishes that with a 7.6 rating. It’s not for those seeking quick thrills; rather, it takes its time to connect emotionally. Yet, the performances by Shefali Shah and Jaydeep leave a lasting impression.


‘Toby’ is the debut movie of director Basil Alchalakkal, and it’s already a super hit. While the story may seem like a typical local gangster’s revenge, the movie’s outstanding quality lies in its high-level performances. Rishabh Shetty’s acting, coupled with a strong character arc, is commendable. The movie, available on Sony Liv, includes extremely brutal and intense scenes.


‘Family’ portrays the story of a grandpa wanting to go on a pilgrimage while the family is engrossed in their daily lives. The Malayalam film, with a low budget but high-level content, received a 7.2 rating from 1600 IMDb users. Each family member’s life problems are intricately woven into the concept, making it a powerful film that challenges your perspective. Despite being made on a tight budget, this Malayalam movie earned five crores at the box office.

The top 5 Indian movies of 2023 discussed here, from the gripping ‘Hidimbha’ to the heartwarming ‘Family,’ have successfully redefined entertainment. They have proven that quality content, strong concepts, and exceptional performances can outshine the glitz and glamour.

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